28 June 2012—Postponed ’til 7/24/2012


Humboldt County Courthouse-Meeting Room
Winnemucca, Nevada
Thursday 5:30 PM. June 28, 2012






This segment of the agenda is designated to give the general public the opportunity to address Planning Commission or Staff on any subject not appearing on the agenda.


Review, Correction and Approval of minutes of May 24, 2012.


Review and discussion of Land Use and Map (Master Plan) for the City of Winnemucca area


This segment of the agenda is designated to give the general public the opportunity to address Planning Commission or Staff on any subject not appearing on the agenda.



Humboldt County Regional Planning Commission Agendas

PLACES POSTED: Humboldt County Courthouse (Meeting Room, Addition-Downstairs Foyer, Planning Department Outside Office Bulletin Board & Outside Glass Bulletin Board Bridge Street), Winnemucca City Hall, Humboldt County Library & Post Office.

DATES POSTED: June 22, 2012
MEETING DATE: June 28, 2012
PERSON POSTING: Betty Lawrence/Jennifer Wright

MASTER PLAN – a vision for the future – a guideline or tool for suggesting patterns and planning where development may be most appropriate by land use designations (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.)

NRS 278.150

ZONING – Ordinances (laws) that regulate land use (size, allowed uses, setbacks, requirements, uses allowed with approval of a conditional/special use permit)

To change zoning on property, it must comply with the designation of the master plan.

New master plans, changes to existing plans, and changes to zoning require:

  • consent of the property owner by a signed, notarized Owner’s Affidavit,
  • mailing of public hearing notices to all properties within 300 feet of the subject property,
  • publication in the local newspaper 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting, a public hearing and recommendation from the planning commission,
  • scheduling of a public hearing and publication notice by the governing body

Visit the Planning Department Website at hcnv.us for information about the Regional Planning Commission and members, the Humboldt County Regional Master Plan, meeting agendas & schedules, Winnemucca Municipal Code (zoning ordinances), Humboldt County Code (zoning ordinances), fees and applications. You can also call the Planning Department and speak with staff at 775-623-6392.

The Zoning designations in the City of Winnemucca area are:

  • M-3 which is the Open Land Use District;
  • MHP which is Mobile Home Park;
  • C which is Commercial;
  • G-C which is General Commercial;
  • CH which is Highway Commercial;
  • N-C which is Neighborhood Commercial;
  • P-R which is Parks-Recreation;
  • PF which is Public Facilities;
  • AE which is Adult Entertainment;
  • M-1 which is industrial;
  • L-M which is Limited Manufacturing;
  • AG which is Agricultural;
  • AR which is Agricultural Residential;
  • RR which is Rural Ranchette (county zoning designation found on only 10 properties w/in city limits);
  • E which is Estate;
  • RE which is Rural Estate;
  • R-1 which is Single-Family Residential;
  • R-2 which is Multiple Family Residential (Duplexes);
  • R-3 which is Multlple-Family Residential (Apartments).

The Master Plan designations In the City of Winnemucca area:

  • HDR (High Density Residential);
  • MHDR (Medium High Density Residential);
  • MDR (Medium Density Residential);
  • LDR ( Low Density Residential);
  • AG (Agriculture);
  • COMM (Commercial);
  • PF (Public Facility);
  • IND (industrial);
  • LIND (Light Industrial);
  • OSMU (Open Space Multiple Use) which is generally natural resources, grazing, mines, uses shown in M-3 or anything that doesn’t fit In the other designations;
  • NR (Natural Resources);
  • BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs);
  • CBD (Central Business District overlay);
  • Flood overlay.

NOTE: The RPC approved proposed revisions to both the County and City Master Plan designations 7/14/11. The proposed revisions were presented to City Council at the 8/23/11 meeting with no action taken. The proposed revisions are to make the Master Plan designations more user friendly.


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